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I hope your Christmas and Holiday activities are off to a wonderful start. 2014 is about to gone for good in a few more weeks and it’s shocking how fast it went! In today’s post I want to highlight a great way to prevent credit problems while managing your spending this season. It’s widely known that the average consumer will rack up at least $1,000 in additional debt this season. People just go crazy over special incentives, door busters, and mail-in offers. One amazing way to stop over-spending and pushing those credit cards to the limit is shop the CLEARANCE items exclusively!

Credit problems always escalate this time of year. Banks see more NSF’s because people over-draft their accounts buying all over the place, more checks bounce and debit cards are pushed beyond their daily limits because a DEAL makes people crazy! Today’s SMART HOLIDAY CREDIT TIP #2 is shop closeouts and clearance on your favorite websites and during in-store visits If you are watching your spending even a little bit, these areas can save you allot of money and even if you push your giving to include more people, you just may stop yourself from wrecking your finances.
While the deals are appealing I want to include a BONUS recommendation; if you do in fact spend beyond your credit cards approved limit be sure to pay that balance overage by the next billing cycle. The reason is because your lender just might close that account to ensure no additional balances can rack up they feel they may have to collect on.
Keep these points in mind to close your year right:
1) Any credit cards you own right now could be in jeopardy if you have missed payments this year.
2) If you have a habit of not paying before their 10 day grace period ends, expect a late fee for that payment not posting on time to your account.
3) I some instances late fees accrue and can began to hurt your credit scores because they push your credit balances out of whack. BE MINDFUL!
Just some added value for your Holiday season. We want to help in anyway we can!
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