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Evictions can be a pretty tough because they can have a huge impact on your ability to get a future rental application approved. A landlord doesn’t always pursue the court to collect unpaid rent, but most will use that avenue especially if there is alot of monies outstanding.


Your credit history is like GOLD was in the GOLD Rush years. It’s pretty darn precious and valuable. Anywhere you go and someone feels they need to check you out for some kind of business offer, loan offer, rental of a primary residence, vacation, or car rental, your credit could be a factor in a decision.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are dealing with an eviction on your rental record.

1. Eviction records due in fact impact your credit scores. Reason: Anything that is reported unpaid will not help your payment history which is impacted by your credit scores because the unpaid rent could land on any one if not all of the the big 3 credit agencies, Experian, Transunion and/or Equifax.


2. An eviction which becomes a matter of record if reported to the Court system, will also have a huge impact on your credit history because the record will reflect some kind of legal action taken by the former landlord.

3. An eviction that becomes a form of collection via the Court system, will then reflect as a public record.

4. Tenant screenings which is almost always done formally by professional rental companies, look for evidence of eviction records and patterns by reviewing databases that will often have cross referenced public record filings. Evictions are a huge deal and they will base their decisions to approval a rental application on whatever they find in those data searches.

5. Correcting unpaid rent issues with a former landlord is a great way to restore your rental record. If the issue cannot be resolved and you need help correcting your credit history, we can help.

Credit problems are so wide and vast, it is often hard to discern how, why, when, a situation will have a negative relationship to your credit. Keep in mind, that having solid credit, is incredibly important. It may seem like you can get by, but some how, it will come and bite you in tail, when you least expect it.


If an eviction is haunting you and keeps getting in the way, we just may have the answer. We don’t just offer credit repair and restoration, we are masters at coordinating the best exit strategy and outcome for your overall credit goals. We are credit experts and have all the systems in place to help you go the distance.

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