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Client’s Testmonials

“Thank God for Get GR8T Credit. You saved my hide. My family wanted to buy a house for over ten years. And because of some past troubles, my credit score was 420. Bank after bank slammed me. We didn’t know where to turn. You provide clarity, understanding and what’s more solved my credit issues. You fixed the problem and now my credit score is 650. I just got approved for a loan and we are going to buy a home. Get GR8T Credit changed my family’s life. Thank you.”

M. Ford

“Get GR8T Credit is THE Go To Service for fixing lousy credit. I went to other credit counselors, accountants, lawyers and government family service organizations. They promised big and failed bigger. Not Get GR8T Credit. You Came Through Like an Olympic Champion. You showed me some errors in my credit report that were preventing me from getting a mortgage loan. You cleaned it up. You held my hand. I HIGHLY recommend you call Get GR8T Credit. Your credit problems and worries will be history.”

P. Rodgers

When I discovered how knowledgeable the team was at Get GR8T Credit – I was like “OMG! I am finally gonna get out of this whole I am in! I had not been very responsible with my spending and like most ladies, I absolutely LOVE to shop! So, when I made the decision to repair my credit – I called Get GR8T Credit and have not looked back! They are a god-send!

T. Holmes

“Get GR8T Credit fixed my credit problems. They dealt with the credit card companies and the credit bureaus. They cut through the red tape and solved all the problems. They gave me total confidence that they would fix everything. And they did. They helped get my loan approved. Another amazing benefit I love is that they have relationships with lenders, tax and accounting professionals, real estate professionals and banks. They made the whole process easy. Thank You Get GR8T Credit.”

E. Johnson