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November is here already and 2014 is just a little less than 2 months away from being over! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone!!

We’ve been busy working on moving challenged clients from credit distasters to better masters of their finances, and have watched amazing things transform in their lives. It’s been a pleasure to see families get ahead FINALLY!

I have seen a long awaited program become highly successful in 2014, and wanted to share the great news with YOU!!

In 2012 I saw how much the real estate collapse had impacted people I knew from close friends to even professional associates that literally got clobbered in the real estate market. Some of them have yet to get back to where they were even today.
It was heartbreaking to see and I thought long and hard of a way to help educate people who needed to get better prepared to move forward into homeownership this time around even if they had been previous owners to those that watched the madness from the sidelines.

I spent alot of time developing ways to capture the distance between credit challenged individuals and families to the immediate market demands now necessary to bring a client through the mortgage process. It’s quite daunting and helping them understand takes time.  So while I sought to build a strong team of professionals to help me assist potential clients, I also found that the media works over time to add the public’s confusion and took another step to publish our program’s functions in a quarterly magazine.

I appreciate you so much I wanted to share it with you, so that you are up on what we are doing to make the mortgage process easier to understand and bridge the gap for those that need credit help.

Our program is called Home Buyer’s Assistance or HBA for short. We have the capacity to do alot for real estate and mortgage professionals, because we can close the gap for deals that are hard to fund and better educate your clients.

Credit challenged clients can get the help they need because they won’t feel like they are dealing street hustlers and those that run gimmicks to get their business.

The credit industry has changed alot and it’s harder to clean files now more than ever, but our long time experience and understanding of the changing financial infrastructure is why we are able to work at this level.

Please enjoy this e-version for HBA, we appreciate your readership! Please email me with any questions you may have as we are happy to help you!


It’s been a pleasure being your source of great news, commentary, tools, education and training in the credit industry.

All the Best,

Alexis – The Credit DIVA!

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