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The Holiday’s are here ALREADY and how fast they came this year! As I finalize all of the business going on with our service house, many things have come to our attention throughout the year as we service clients working on their credit files.
We wanted to provide some of those insights in this series for the 2014 Holiday and Christmas season. So much goes on in the world, we get blind-sighted by poor disclosures, popular advertising and third-party data collection activities, that we often do not realize how are very personal information is being handled and transmitted.
Many clients we help contact us because at some point they were duped by an offer they thought was a good deal and when we activated an account  to pursue an offer of some kind, they are then captured into some unknown or unclear disclosure relating to their action. It then becomes an issue of Terms and Conditions in which that “offer” was presented. It could look something like this image here:

This is an every increasing challenge for many people because they may not recognize, some kind of expectation is met with that “offer” in which they advertiser or even a BIG BOX STORE wants to engage with you to get your business. Our tip today is: Make sure that before you click or press submit online to an “offer” that you have read the terms and condition of that govern that website for use. Be careful who and where you share your personal details. If there is a WEB SUPPORT, click on the icon to ask for clarification to ensure are in agreement with the actions of the “offer” and whatever will come from that later by way of an email or some kind of advertising.  Often credit problems start with opportunities that sound good at first and really wound up costing you a whole money and headache.

We hope you find this post helpful! Be Safe!

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