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Stop being denied for credit!

A credit application denial is the worst feeling ever! It’s difficult to understand when things are not shaping up with your credit files and often you are never quite clear until an application for credit is not approved. This is the time of year that most families are engaged in preparing their children for a successful school year whether they are school age or college bound, money is always in demand to ensure everything your child needs can be acquired.

School supplies, clothes, extra cash, dorm expenses, travel and even a car, could be on the many list of things your child may need. Savings can go pretty fast when all the expenses come crashing in all at once. What do you do? Most people look to finance many of the costs in some way. Where do you go to get loans? Most people start with their credit union and from there depending on what their credit situation is, it could mean a payday loan. Payday loans are definitely the source for many people and they are often subject to some form of credit inquiry. They require a very short time frame and extremely high fees to boot.

Families are stretched more and more as the costs to raise a family are increasing every year. A credit denial can be addressed with a clear plan, a realistic attitude, and professional help if you are ready to receive it. Being denied for any kind of loan or credit card, can put a strain on you, and future income. Why not get the help you need?

My name is Alexis Jones, I am here to help you correct old, past credit file errors and mistakes. I specialize in restoring credit files where you can get loans again and at great interest rates! You must get past the lending arena of the sub-prime category to have control over your hard-earned money. You must understand deletions on your credit report are only part of the story of credit restoration. Systems make this credit restoration and correction process work. Here at Get GR8T Credit VIP, we offer the total solution so you can get back on track!

I can help you get a clear picture as to where you are with a complimentary credit file analysis and provide you with a clear understanding to where you are to where you want to be credit wise.

Let’s talk! Call toll-free for your credit analysis, 888-503-3182 or email at info@getgr8tcreditvip.com.

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