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November is here already and 2014 is just a little less than 2 months away from being over! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone!!

We’ve been busy working on moving challenged clients from credit distasters to better masters of their finances, and have watched amazing things transform in their lives. It’s been a pleasure to see families get ahead FINALLY!

I have seen a long awaited program become highly successful in 2014, and wanted to share the great news with YOU!!

In 2012 I saw how much the real estate collapse had impacted people I knew from close friends to even professional associates that literally got clobbered in the real estate market. Some of them have yet to get back to where they were even today.
It was heartbreaking to see and I thought long and hard of a way to help educate people who needed to get better prepared to move forward into homeownership this time around even if they had been previous owners to those that watched the madness from the sidelines.

I spent alot of time developing ways to capture the distance between credit challenged individuals and families to the immediate market demands now necessary to bring a client through the mortgage process. It’s quite daunting and helping them understand takes time.  So while I sought to build a strong team of professionals to help me assist potential clients, I also found that the media works over time to add the public’s confusion and took another step to publish our program’s functions in a quarterly magazine.

I appreciate you so much I wanted to share it with you, so that you are up on what we are doing to make the mortgage process easier to understand and bridge the gap for those that need credit help.

Our program is called Home Buyer’s Assistance or HBA for short. We have the capacity to do alot for real estate and mortgage professionals, because we can close the gap for deals that are hard to fund and better educate your clients.

Credit challenged clients can get the help they need because they won’t feel like they are dealing street hustlers and those that run gimmicks to get their business.

The credit industry has changed alot and it’s harder to clean files now more than ever, but our long time experience and understanding of the changing financial infrastructure is why we are able to work at this level.

Please enjoy this e-version for HBA, we appreciate your readership! Please email me with any questions you may have as we are happy to help you!


It’s been a pleasure being your source of great news, commentary, tools, education and training in the credit industry.

All the Best,

Alexis – The Credit DIVA!

Can Credit Repair Increase Credit Scores?

Credit scores are always at the top of the list for any lender when reviewing a credit application. There is alot that goes into the phases of credit repair and restoration and many people learn that your score doesn’t automatically increase with the work. often when my team and I review a credit report, the old history has been damaged with late payments and eventually accounts that were the oldest have been charged-off by the original creditor.

What then has to happen is that the client now has to re-build their credit history from scratch as if it never existed. This is an on-going confusing issue that aggravates people who seek help. Alot of credit specialists and so-called gurus provide terrible information about how credit can be re-built and re-established and when to do so.

Conventional lending has it’s barriers to the process because they often recommend secured credit cards to re-estabish credit and help build credit scores, but that is pretty worthless when buying a home in this new market. It’s important that you recognize that correcting your credit files are the intial phase of your credit recovery. Your scores can drop sometimes while the collection are being deleted and whatever else has been identified to be erroneous, irrelevant or un-verifiable. You should never assume that credit repair increases scores.

There so many factors that could impact credit scores and even the work itself. Credit scores can be increased at a later time and once your credit repair and restoration work has progressed to a place where a credit building plan can be implemented. Our team is extremely effective in this area and our clients are able to buy homes, and get approved for credit cards on their own after working with us.


If your credit rating is faltering or has hit rock bottom this year, there are ways that you can boost your credit scores.  It is important to take an honest look at your immediate circumstances and be real with yourself to move forward. 2015 is right around the corner and if you struggled all year or even over the last few years, these time-tested tips can give you a sense of order to move forward.

  1. Obtain all three copies of your credit report.

There are three main credit reporting agencies and not all companies will report to all three of them.  It is vital that you obtain copies of your credit report from all three agencies.  This way, if you have a problem on one report it may not necessarily show up on the other reports and you can still ward off any mistakes or issues.  Don’t just get a report from one of the major agencies, get all of them.

  1. Check your credit report often.

Experts advise checking your credit report at least once a year.  Some people, however, obtain their reports as often as every quarter.  It really depends on the activity and other factors as to how often you should check.  The common consumer who only has a few lines of credit can probably get away with checking less often.  It is important, though, to check your credit report so that you can ward off any problems, issues or even unauthorized activity.

  1. Delete your negative credit if possible.

If you have any negative credit such as delinquent accounts or slow payment history you need to work to bring it all current.  Credit repair is not as easy as it used to be, but you can pay on delinquent accounts to get them to a current status.  You should also begin to make regular, timely payments on a payment history that is slow or lagging.  If you can pay your delinquent accounts all at one time to bet them to a current status, but if that is not a possibility, you can pay on the accounts in increments and pay it a little at a time until current.

  1. Don’t close old accounts.

While you may be tempted to close old accounts, resist that temptation.  Keeping old accounts open and current will show as current accounts on your report.  This will show that you have active, good credit and will help to boost your rating.  The longer that you have revolving credit accounts with no negative reports, the better it makes your credit appear.  This translates to a better overall credit score.  Many credit experts advise that you keep a balance a balance or 30 percent of your credit limit.

  1. Pay your bills on time – always.

You may think that this tip is rather obvious, but it still stands to be repeated.  Your credit score can begin to decline even if you are only 30 days late in payment.  Even if you pay every month, if you pay late every month, you are still damaging your credit.  Your best bet is to make your payments on time every single month.

  1. Use credit to pay for credit.

This is an old, tried and true technique for credit building.  Get a secured credit card for “x” amount of dollars.  Once you receive your card, get a cash advance of 70 percent of your credit limit.  Do this with a second and third cards as well, using the cash advance from the previous card.  Open a checking account with the cash advance on the third card.  Use this checking account solely for making payments on your three cards.  Pay on time each month and your credit score will increase.  It may drop initially because of the three accounts taken out so quickly in succession, but within 4 months it will have rebounded and your score will be greater.

  1. Maintain different types of credit.

Diversify your credit with revolving accounts, unsecured loans and secured loans.  This shows that you are able to manage several different types of credit at once.  Get a vehicle, mortgage or personal loan so that you can have an installment loan on your credit report and charge cards give you the revolving credit.  This shows that you can handle short term credit, long term credit, fixed payments and variable monthly payments.

  1. Don’t file for bankruptcy.

While bankruptcy may seem like an easy way to get out of debt, resist the temptation.  Don’t file for bankruptcy or foreclosure; they remain on your credit report for 10 years and will cause your credit score to plummet.  However, the older a bankruptcy becomes (as long as it is combined with a credit history that is rebuilt), the less impact it will have on your credit score.

  1. Don’t open new lines of credit.

Do not open new lines of credit unless you absolutely must.  Every time that you apply for credit there is an inquiry that is placed on your report.  This often causes your credit score to drop slightly.  This is more important when you are just starting out or when you are rebuilding credit because you either show no payment history or a negative payment history.  That, combined with a lowered score can show you as a credit risks to creditors.

  1. Stay on top of all credit issues.

As soon as you realize that there is a problem with your credit, you need to take care of it as soon as possible.  When you are staying on top of your credit issues you can ward off problems that will destroy your credit score.  This strategy will also help you ward off fraudulent activity that may occur on your account due to thieves and identity theft.

When you use these tips to boost your credit rating you will see great results.  Your credit rating will improve with the structure you establish and you will have better access to credit if you never need it for emergencies. Emergencies can come at any time as we all know and your ability to some form of credit can truly help in a time of need.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Winning in Credit Repair – Mastering Your Unique Situation is the Key

Winning in Credit Repair is in fact possible. You may now have a  better sense of how credit repair works if you read my last article on Credit Scores – Recognizing Their Impact and Leverage. Our industry has been abused over the years and very misrepresented by even other professionals in our field. Today more than ever, you need to get a handle on what you need to do and how to achieve the desired affect for your goals. Many things will have some credence on your overall credit picture. In today’article, I will highlight an area that has many people pretty fouled up. Tax Liens are a critical component of distress for alot of people. Tax Liens do in fact affect your credit scores and payment history.
I have seen how ugly they get and how crazy the balances grow.  Credit repair does have a positive affect on Tax Liens. I will share that there are many ways we can help a client with credit report issues with old liens and we have even been successful removing current ones. In recent years, the IRS has been very proactive in their position of not removing current tax liens from credit files, but it is not necessarily written in stone that they will not come off your credit reports. What I want to convey here is that you have to address your own unique needs and master those areas. Credit repair is not a one-sized fit all solution in itself. Our capacities are proprietary as your learning from the articles I post here. I want to highlight a Client Success Focus on Maurice. Check out what his unique situation is looking like, click Here.  Maurice came to me with 25 accounts not at all helping his credit score. His greatest aggravation was Tax liens and no open lines of credit. He enrolled with us to get his credit together last August 2014. By January 2015, his credit profile had changed tremendously. He now has 17 deleted accounts.
That is some pretty awesome improvements! His situation was quite different and he is proof that your situation can have a success story. What we are accomplishing for our clients is incredible because we help with the total process. Credit repair is just the beginning. It’s simply a tool and with it, you can master your own unique situation with the help of the right people. Fear is not your friend!
Denial is crippling and will not serve any purpose. Action is necessary to get from where you are to where you see yourself going. How you spend you resources impacts progress. How you view your own beliefs and outlook impacts those who can help you. Your WHY has to be so big – you need help to get there!!
I hope you find this article helpful. Perhaps it will draw fire to your core so you can not let this year pass you by.
Cheers to your future!
Alexis – The Credit DIVA!

7 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score this Month

Credit scores continue to astound and confuse consumers more and more, according bankrate.com, as their survey revealed in September 2015, “nearly four in five Americans, 77 percent didn’t with accounts with high outstanding balances hurt their credit scores, even if they pay their bills on time.” While I work directly with my clients in developing a clearer path, understanding, and better habits to forge ahead in their credit goals, I help them find ways to increase their credit scores while in my credit restoration program. In today’s post, I share what you should do when taking a very close look at what your credit scores and what they reveal about you. In my experience over the years of working with clients, credit problems often have an underlying root. Here are 12 Ways to boost Your Credit Scores this Month so you can begin to make a change for the better in your credit situation.

1. Dispute any errors you see on your credit reports. We are in January and every year the credit bureaus provide an annual free credit report to consumers to review their credit status. Go here for request yours, https://www.annualcreditreport.com/index.action

2. Ask for assistance on any accounts that you neglected to pay on time. Scenario: You had a gap in your employment situation and stopped paying a credit card bill on time and it is now in collection. Tip: Generally 90 days of no payment is headed for a charge-off. The next step is a collection reporting on your credit reports and essentially the account is in serious trouble. The creditor could allow you to pay off the balance in remove the bad reporting. You can ask for this, BUT, the key is to get a commitment in writing to get the account removed with the bad history as a result of the paid balance. It can be tricky!

3. Current credit card limits can be deceiving on your credit reports. Pay attention to what are using in any of your credit cards and how the monthly balance is showing up on your credit reports. Balances are a trigger of potential problems to a credit card company when they rise unexpectedly and the limit is exceeded.
Credit card balances can aggravate your credit score boosting efforts if they are high and maxed each month. If your paying on time and not carrying more than 30% of the balance over each month, you could ask for a credit line increase.

4. Acquiring a good interest rate credit card is key to better credit scores. This can be a longer range goal if your just starting out and need to build up your history to gain access to unsecured credit cards. The lower the interest rate, the more buying power you have when using the card. Each time you pay off your balance, the credit card company reports the use to the credit bureaus. The length of time you have used the card, the credit card limit, and how long the credit history is on file is all combined in a strategic mathematical algorithm, the credit bureaus use to rate your relationship with that credit card provider.

5. Minimize credit card use is the true rationale I want to emphasize especially to guard any score increase while getting credit problems related to old accounts and activity. Establishing a true habit of money management is better so that the credit card(s) you may still have can remain in good standing and stay open to help you restore (sustain) your good credit history.

6. Do not close credit card accounts no matter what happens. Old credit history can be helpful in your journey to a strong credit score. You may have a late or two from say maybe a year ago. That late payment loses its power in your credit history with each passing month you got back on track to pay on time. As long as there are no more late payments, that account can be a benefit to get approved for a larger credit line later. If on-time payments for 12 months continue, you are no longer under the same credit risk scrutiny. So that you don’t overspend or max the account, use to pay a automatic bill like cable so that it is used each month and it’s active.

7. Paying bills on time is imperative. A skipped payment may seem like “no big deal” but it will cost you royally. With credit cards the interest accrues daily, so a missed payment is detrimental as the interest could carry you over your limit, along with the fees that a late payment carries. The added killer is the score hit, which a 30 day late penalty could destroy your efforts to boost your credit scores because the late payment reports to the credit bureaus.

Getting Dialed in to your own credit situation

Nearly 50 millions people in the United States have poor credit and low credit scores according to CNBC. Those are some seriously damaging numbers about our American credit system. If you have been following me for some time, you know I am always working to shed light, information and resources to stop this kind of disparity. It is just simply terrible how people are so trapped by old credit problems. We need to get a grip on things so our families can have a strong future. Borrowing is all that people worry about and credit is so weaved in our lives where we can barely see that more income is needed so we can be less dependent on borrowing so much.

Do you need to increase your credit scores? Are you tired of worrying about your overall financial future? I am always concerned that the goals I set out to achieve could be thwarted by our changing credit economy and our values that govern how we look at money.

In this article, I want to share with you some key areas that can help you get more clear, motivated, action-oriented to restore your credit and repair your credit files. Credit scores make the world go around, and determine accessibility to everything even insurance. With rising housing costs, food and fuel; you have to wrap your head around what that could mean for you and your family.

1) Great credit gives you peace of mind, no late nights when you know that at moments notice you can make a move.

2) Buying real estate is your wealth access, high credit scores makes a huge difference to afford a home where you are not paying hidden interest.

3) Starting a business can be exciting and profitable, but good credit means expansion capital is cheaper to acquire.

Every family has growing costs for food, clothing, activities, travel and community interests. Nothing is free, but a quality of life hinges on the ability to have access to adequate resources that allow for a healthy way of life. Seeing your family become successful because of the right financial decisions that are made when they need to be made, makes all the difference. We are happier when we are not feeling like we are not control of our future.

Many individuals and families are trapped and cannot see their way out of old problems that could have caused credit issues in the present. We have saying here in our offices, a BK is not forever, tax liens are not forever, foreclosure is not forever.

Your future depends on you. Take control and get gr8t credit!

Need help and have questions, email us: info@getgr8tcreditvip.com. We are here for you.

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