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How Pre-Approved Credit Offers Are Sent To You

In today’s post, I intend to shed some light on what goes on with someone’s personal identifying information and the relationship to “Pre-Approved or Pre-Screened Credit Offers”. While many times a credit offer coming in the mail seems like a cool thing; it is often the result of soft inquiries or screenings from various banks, marketing and/or lending institutions whom have an interest in promoting to the general public.  A lot of data, research and sometimes even your spending habits attract certain types of mail you may receive that has been prompted by a recent purchase, a survey, an online movie, a visit to the mall and even those easy breezy credit applications for a weekend jewelry store counter visit. So many things are captured in the way you may use your current personal information to go about your daily life.

Now this post is not intended to create fear in what you have experienced for a long time, but awareness is important because of the new ways of manipulation that do in fact affect your understanding of how and why you may notice a company that has gathered some data on you. The action of pre-screening you generates those mailed offers and in some instances, the knowledge of your credit potential is revealed. If you have good credit and want some low-interest rate credit or loans; this action could be appealing.  If your credit is going through a patch and you are sensitive to what and whom can see your reports than that is something you can control.

Junk mail is the leading annoying factor in those special sale opportunities for potential credit promotions designed to get your attention and consider the offer.  Bad credit promotions are even more aggressive as the interest rates on those offers are generally so high and outrageous, many people get in a bad situation with funky fees and auto-billings.  In an earlier post, you can check out how and why ordering your Annual Credit Report is the beginning of tracking these types of activities. If you haven’t done so, take the time to order your reports. You should know what and who is checking up on you. You can do so for free at www.annualcreditreport.com. This website does not provide credit scores for free.

There was a time when having a bad or challenged credit history could save you from pirates and thieves, but all that has gone away with Cyber activity and the use of stolen data. Even in situation where your credit score is not directly impacted by some kind of breach, your “liking or personal details” are in fact on the hook. A new persona can be created without your social security number. Be your champion this year and get your mind on your credit business. Your future does depend on it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let us know how we can help you with your goals.

Credit Scores – Recognizing Their Impact and Leverage Part 2

I hope you have enjoyed the great content as you shape your goals for 2015. If you have been following our Facebook Fan page, you can often find some great primer’s on the direction things are going in the marketplace and insight to personal development. In today’s article I want to share why credit repair can be the strongest tool when carefully designed and structured with a credit building system. All credit repair is not created equal. Results, timing and clear understanding of all things driving the infrastructure of our financial back-drop makes a huge difference for any client.
For many years when I started this company, I saw that education was lacking for many families and even professionals seeking to broaden their advancement. Life is only as opportunistic as your prepared to move in any direction that requires money. Cash will always be king because its liquid for the most part. However, credit instruments will allow for a greater advantage when investing and even for simpler things like emergencies.
My ideas about family help, knowledge, generational preparedness, education for children and all of that shaping our economic advances for home ownership. I believe every family should become homeowners, its how wealth can even begin to show up and progress in some one’s life. The information I share on this site is always more cutting edge than anyplace else on the web because of it’s roots in caring about the successes for our clients. We not only service clients who seek help, but we also service other advisers in the credit, banking and financial industries. I learned early that helping them made for better service, understanding and smarter tools for our clients and theirs.
One thing that continues to plague credit challenged individuals and families is how to make credit repair work, how to restore leverage and what is the true impact of credit scores. So how can you make credit repair work? The answer is multifaceted and complex but I share some ways my team and I have found what makes the difference. First, credit repair in most cases is the strongest agent to restore problems with credit history.
As a full-service company; our clients are brought through allot of situations that often begin personally and play out financially. We coach them, encourage them and identify their triggers. Money is a magnet and triggers help us see what keeps them in their situation. Credit repair in the scientific sense is the mastery of the academics of what the credit bureaus capture, the lending climate expects and recognizes; the economic activities and long range leverage planning. Every person needs to understand that our world is driven by these factors. Credit repair is a simple way we explain the initial system at work. It can rectify changes needed by someone in trouble. Credit repair is not a scam nor a one-sized solution for anyone. It’s real and works; but not everyone can make it work and help people achieve their goals. No one starts credit repair without some kind of goal.
Attracting the credit leverage you seek takes some clear core competencies on the behalf of the professional you may be working with. Credit repair now is harder because many of the clients I work with have been in some serious trouble and have owned real estate previously. Credit repair alone for them is not the answer. They are often coming back from some hard hits! So what makes what I do and that of my team different? We build custom products and services for our clients. We have mastered some things that this market simply doesn’t have figured out. We love to see our clients get that dream house, finance that business and go on to build successful lives. It’s because of that kind of commitment, we see great things happen.
I hope you find this article helpful. I encourage you to commit to your goals and not let credit problems of the past stop you. It’s a new year and time waits for no one!
We are here to help!
Cheers to your 2015 Life!
Alexis – The Credit DIVA!

Winning in Credit Repair – Mastering Your Unique Situation is the Key

Winning in Credit Repair is in fact possible. You may now have a  better sense of how credit repair works if you read my last article on Credit Scores – Recognizing Their Impact and Leverage. Our industry has been abused over the years and very misrepresented by even other professionals in our field. Today more than ever, you need to get a handle on what you need to do and how to achieve the desired affect for your goals. Many things will have some credence on your overall credit picture. In today’article, I will highlight an area that has many people pretty fouled up. Tax Liens are a critical component of distress for alot of people. Tax Liens do in fact affect your credit scores and payment history.
I have seen how ugly they get and how crazy the balances grow.  Credit repair does have a positive affect on Tax Liens. I will share that there are many ways we can help a client with credit report issues with old liens and we have even been successful removing current ones. In recent years, the IRS has been very proactive in their position of not removing current tax liens from credit files, but it is not necessarily written in stone that they will not come off your credit reports. What I want to convey here is that you have to address your own unique needs and master those areas. Credit repair is not a one-sized fit all solution in itself. Our capacities are proprietary as your learning from the articles I post here. I want to highlight a Client Success Focus on Maurice. Check out what his unique situation is looking like, click Here.  Maurice came to me with 25 accounts not at all helping his credit score. His greatest aggravation was Tax liens and no open lines of credit. He enrolled with us to get his credit together last August 2014. By January 2015, his credit profile had changed tremendously. He now has 17 deleted accounts.
That is some pretty awesome improvements! His situation was quite different and he is proof that your situation can have a success story. What we are accomplishing for our clients is incredible because we help with the total process. Credit repair is just the beginning. It’s simply a tool and with it, you can master your own unique situation with the help of the right people. Fear is not your friend!
Denial is crippling and will not serve any purpose. Action is necessary to get from where you are to where you see yourself going. How you spend you resources impacts progress. How you view your own beliefs and outlook impacts those who can help you. Your WHY has to be so big – you need help to get there!!
I hope you find this article helpful. Perhaps it will draw fire to your core so you can not let this year pass you by.
Cheers to your future!
Alexis – The Credit DIVA!

Expert Help – How A Home Purchase Can Be The Change For Your Family in 2015

Helping clients achieve home ownership is one of the most rewarding experiences. For some time now, I have felt that the most successful decision for anyone or even a family, is buying a home.  In this field, clients have an arsenal to their advantage if used properly and products are positioned for timing, efficiency and results. So much goes on the lending world and although we have seen some tremendous economic havoc over the last few years, it simply doesn’t change the power and wealth-building potential of real estate.

So often it would appear buying a home is harder than ever; and we recognize the challenges anyone can face when getting through the lending process. Interest rates are very low right now and with the right team, you can achieve your goal! In today’s post, I would like to introduce to you, our performance magazine for success in home ownership with our team of experts, Home Buyer’s Assistance e-magazine. It is designed to help anyone gather knowledge, clarity, faith, and perseverance to move forward. I have created this e-magazine to provide a tool for future home owners for the first time or investing over time to understand and identify good leadership within the complexities of real estate ownership and lending.
I profile some the smartest, caring and aggressive advocates to help you secure your dream. You will learn about what is new and timely in the difference loan programs and how professionals fit into the decisions you may need to make.

You deserve the smartest insights to this complex process and getting to know advocates, professionals and industry information that will have a extremely positive impact on where you see home ownership taking you investment opportunities.
One area that keeps so much confusion for many people is recognizing what the Purchase Process looks like. So often, the disconnect about that alone keeps the overwhelm activated and stops progress. You do not have figure this out by yourself and we hope you find this edition helpful in your financial goal setting.

Buying a home is a big commitment and requires setting some goals. It helps to grab some understanding in what it takes, who is helping those get there, and what kind of challenges are met along the way. This is one a labor of love for people we love to help. We are committed to do all we can to help our clients. Let us know what you think about this publication, we are excited to continue bring better systems to you.



Alexis – The Credit DIVA!

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