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Sometimes credit restoration and repair can be a painful process. We know all too well how changes in the way you spend and income disparities can throw everything in your life in a flux. It’s important to overcome the fear of failure in any of this because if you don’t get a handle on how you do things your credit will forever suffer.

Here are five things you need to know to move forward:

  • 1) Identify your motive to make the necessary financial changes real. There has to be something that matters to you enough to commitment to YOURSELF. I used to love to shop, and at one point Marshall’s was my favorite store. I could not ever dry by a Marshall’s in any part of the country and not stop in. I was a true SHOPAHOLIC.. What finally broke me of this habit was the burning desire to own my own business and invest in real estate.
  • 2) Sit down and document your true budget for your household. Everyone should do this because if you do not take an account of what is truly happening with your finances, you can never get an edge in your future as opportunities present themselves. Money has a funny way of growing or shrinking when the mindset of the person handling it is incapable of discerning their situation. I am saying – you must know everything to move   forward, but you have to be honest so a blessing can develop on your behalf because you were honest and willing to get organized.
  • 3) Locate a true friend and confidant to help you keep your commitment. Getting out of a jam is a lot like losing weight, it helps to have some encouragement from someone you admire and respect. Maybe there is a friend who just seems to always save a every month no matter what, you want to capture some of that fire and determination.
  • 4) Gather all the knowledge you can muster to make sound decisions as you take on this new direction. Reading is amazing! Learn from the many available resources in the marketplace.
  • 5) Give yourself time to adjust to this new way of thinking.

Spend at least one day a week reflecting where your headed to keep pace with your perspective each day. Sometimes our lives move so fast, we can barely keep up with ourselves. Making time to just gather your thoughts will go a long way in making some sound decisions.

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